Holiday in St. Ives

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A couple of weeks ago we went down to St. Ives in Cornwall. We had rented an apartment in Carbis Bay, about a mile walk away from St. Ives along a Coastal Path.

This was the view from our apartment:

This is one of the best views we've had whilst being on holiday. It honestly felt like we were in a different country, I don't know about you but being by the sea just instantly relaxes me!
On our first day down there, we went and explored the area. It is very hilly there, especially walking to St. Ives down the coastal path - I mistakenly wore sandals, and wished I had put my trainers on. St. Ives is full of little cafes and pubs (not to mention numerous cornish pasty and ice cream shops), and many art galleries which are lovely to look around.

 I didn't put any sun cream on, and I got quite badly burnt. Being by the coast, it was quite windy and I just didn't realise how hot it was!
When in Cornwall, one must have a Cornish Pasty.

On Monday we went and had a look around Penzance, and went to St. Michael's Mount.

There's a castle on the top, and gardens surrounding it which you can have a look around. It is looked after by the National Trust. When the tide goes out it unveils the footpath which you can see in the above picture so you can walk across. If the tide is in, you can pay a small price to go over by boat.

We saw dolphins swimming from the gardens, I wish I had a pair of binoculars on me!

Later that evening we had tickets to go watch "She Stoops to Conquer" at the Minack Theatre, which is also known at "The Theatre in the Cliffs"

The view was unbelievable, and I would really recommend this to anyone who is visiting the South of Cornwall.

During the performance we saw dolphins again (not sure if it was the same pod from earlier). I saw them swimming to the left around the cove, and they slowly made their infront of us. I felt a bit bad for the performers because the whole audience by this point was like "wow dolphins" and were taking pictures. But I guess it's not something you see everyday, it was really an unforgettable moment.

The next day we went for a Spa Day at St. Ives Harbour Spa. We both had treatments and Laiten got in touch with his feminine side ;)

We had a glass of Pimms and strawberries with cream up on the terrace

We stumbled upon a National Trust property called Godrevy, when I was looking on Trip Advisor to see where was good to go for lunch. It was lovely place to go for a walk, you can see loads of people out surfing the ways. This sea was a lot choppier than the beaches at St. Ives and Carbis Bay, so was a perfect place to go surfing.

You can walk along a coastal path which has beautiful views, and reach a small cove where seals are. It was so nice to see seals & dolphins out in the sea in their own habitat. 

It was our last night and we decided to stay on Godrevy and have a BBQ on the beach whilst watching the sunset.  

 We some picked mussels, and bought them home and we cooked them in butter and garlic, they were delicious!

We also went on a boat trip to Seal Island, went and watched the new Jurassic Park film, spent the day at Carbis Bay beach and went kayaking, and also went body boarding - which is so much fun but surprisingly tiring!

I had such a lovely time, and would definitely go back. There are so many things to do and other places to explore in Cornwall. And it was so nice not having to deal with flights and airport transfer!

We were lucky with the weather as well, and both came back with a nice tan!

"Muscle weighs more than fat"

Friday, June 19, 2015

I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with my weight loss and it was really starting to get to me, so I decided to ask Nick for his advice and he designed a food plan for me.

In 2 weeks I lost 4.5lbs, which I'm really pleased with! It's been hard, but nothing is easy - it's just about getting your body used to the change! And most importantly - sticking to the plan!

I think the above image really highlights the difference in volume between fat and muscle. You may have heard the saying "Muscle weighs more than fat", which is kind of confusing because one pound of msucle is going to weigh the same as one pound of fat. Actually muscle takes up less space than fat; one pound of muscle occupies less space than one pound of fat, as muscle is about 18% more dense than fat (this is where the confusion comes from).

Five Things Friday!

Friday, May 29, 2015

First things first - YAY to it being Friday!

Apologies for not blogging in a while, as I've been doing a lot of resting-  I haven't really had much to talk about.

I thought I would do a "Five Things Friday" post, as I enjoy reading these on other people's pages/blogs.

My five favourite things of the past week are:

1) This has been my first full week back at the gym, where I have managed to do all my working sets and accessory work since pulling something in my back.

2) Monday was a Bank Holiday, I spent the long weekend out painting my fence. It wasn't exactly "fun" but it's something I've been meaning to do for ages - and it also takes aggesss (still haven't finished 'sob'). 

Taking it Easy

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I have been taking it easy recently and giving myself plenty of rest. I have had a niggling pain in my Latissimus Dorsi (shown in red below) for a while now. I was ignoring it and still pushing through all my training and hoping it would go away and it hasn't. I have now decided to pull out of my next 2 competitions and concentrate on recovery and getting this pain to go away.

It is nice as now I don't feel any pressure to continue through my training, and when I feel any pain I just stop. I have still been going to the gym, but doing lighter weights and less sets and concentrating on technique.

Having a Meltdown

Friday, May 01, 2015

Last Saturday, I had a mini meltdown/anxiety attack. There were many reasons to make me feel so upset:

- Bad night sleep (I'm the worst person when I don't sleep)
-No weight loss (even though I had been giving it my all)
- Bad back (I've decided to pull out of my next comp as my back seems to be getting worse)
-Laiten being away (yes I'll admit I missed him a lot)
- Feeling fat (I know I'm not fat but it's the way I feel about myself at the moment)
- Not completing my "to do lists"

Setting Long Term Goals..

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On my first week of counting macros I lost 2lbs, which I was really happy with. I don't really want to be losing any more than that because I don't want to compromise my strength. I will aim for a healthy 1lb a week, and hopefully that way will able me to maintain my strength.

I then weighed myself on Saturday and had stayed the same, but it was the time of the month (so I'm putting it down to that). 

The most important thing is that I am feeling so much better in myself, I have so much more energy and I can already feel my clothes starting to fit a bit better which is a good sign,

Training, BBQ & Grand Natiomal

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can you believe the weather at the moment? It is so nice! I need get out in my garden and start planting some flowers, it is so bare at the moment! Fingers crossed this sunny weather carries on into the weekend!

On Friday night we did a tip run, and I managed to slice my arm with a tile...what is wrong with me and hurting myself at the moment?!

Saturday morning involved some Strongman/Strongwoman Training (in preparation of my next competition).

This involved:

- Overhead Medley:
15kg Overhead Dumbbell Press (both arms)
30kg Oly Bar Overhead
32Kg Log Overheard

- 30kg Farmers Walk into 80kg Yoke

- 90 kg Axle Bar Deadlift with Wheels (about 16") for reps

Time to cut!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This week I have just been trying to settle back into my normal routine. I hadn't been to the gym for nearly 2 weeks, so it was a shock to the system when I went back on Monday. I thought I would feel nice and refreshed - but I'm not going to lie - my leg day hurt a lot. I couldn't walk properly for 2 days, I normally ache a bit after my work-outs, but not that much!

(this is definitely true for me - I only have 1 pair of jeans that currently fit me - woops)

I think it's fair to say that I have been taking the whole "Lift Big - Eat Big" moto far too seriously, I have been over indulging, and my body fat has been slowly creeping up! I'm not really happy with the way I look and feel at the moment, so it's time to cut!

Visit to Prague

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

After my recent competition I was shattered. Luckily I had booked the week after off work, as I'm not sure how much use I would've been!

It really did take it out of me, I can't remember ever feeling that tired. All the adrenaline, mixed with nerves and excitement is what done it. Also it wasn't until I had finished my last event that I realised all I had eaten that day was my normal oats in the morning, and then 3 bananas throughout the competition. I just didn't feel like eating, but was trying to eat as much as I could because I knew I needed the energy.

Laiten had made chocolate covered protein flapjacks for us to eat...and I forget them (woops) - I wasn't his favourite person to say the least!

Team Xtreme StrongWoman Competiton

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Sunday (29th March) was my first StrongWoman Competition for this year. It was at a gym called Team Xtreme Fitness in Gosport near Portsmouth (UK). 

I had my last training session on the Tuesday and then was spending the rest of my week resting up. On Thursday I was peeling some sweet potatoes for dinner and accidentally sliced some on my nail off (on my ring finger), it bled quite a lot and was really painful and I was worried at the time I wouldn't be able to pick anything up (the day after I couldn't even use my handbrake). 

I had been training so hard for it, so I didn't want to back out (I was livid with myself at this point for doing something so stupid) Why is it you always hurt yourself outside of the gym? I had twinged my back slightly the other week from turning to strap my little cousin in the car - and was still recovering from that slightly!

Weekend away to Oxford

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last weekend I went away with my Mum, Nan and Aunt on our "Girly Weekend" to Oxford. We went shopping in Oxford on Saturday and it was ridiculously busy - wasn't enjoyable at all. We decided to leave and go to our hotel. I would've liked to have a complete run through of the competition events for this weekend but that's just how things turn out, so had to deal with a hotel gym...

To be fair I was pleasantly surprised that it had a bench - some hotel gyms I go to don't even have any barbells or heavy weights at all. So I managed a decent upper body work-out in and also did a bit of mobility work.
I'm unsure as to why you would need so many 1kg dumbbells (black dumbbells in the left)? Better than nothing I suppose....

Throwback Thursday

Thursday, March 19, 2015

This time last year I took part in my first Strong Woman Competition held at my gym. My timehop is flashing up with pictures that were taken a year ago, and it is fun to be able to back through them all.

At the time I had dropped a lot of weight and wasn't particular that strong either. I have a video (shown below) of me practicing the Overhead Medley. 

This involved: 

-12.5kg Dumbbell Press (both arms)
-25kg Barbell Overhead Press
-32kg Log Press

Long Ass Week!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Last week was really long, I had such a busy week at work with some long hours which really took its toll on me. I was getting home - quickly eating dinner - and then rushing to the gym. My workouts are also quite heavy at the moment, and will be like this up to the run- up to my comp until I have some days of complete rest (I am actually looking forward to this and so is my body).

I got all my work out on Friday at a nice time so left at 4.30pm and the tiredness from the week just hit me and I had to go have a nap!

My Gym.. Body Bionic

Friday, March 06, 2015

I train at Body Bionic, which is a local family run gym in Thatcham. What I love about this gym is the friendly and supportive atmosphere there is, and how clean it is kept. I cannot recommend this gym enough!!

There is so much diverse equipment that will suit anyone and everyone's training regime. You have the Cardio Suite, Boxing Room with Ring, all your standard Weight Machines, Dumbells & Barbells, EZ Bar Curls, Olympic Bars, Squat Rack, Bench Press and a big range of Bumper Plates.

My favourite part of the gym is the Strongman/Strong(wo)man room (what we know it as) which has:

Farmers Walk
75kg log
32kg log
Viking press
Atlas stones (30kg to 100kg)
40kg Axle Bar
53 kg Circus/Monster Dumbell
Tyres (80/140/250kg)
18" Deadlift wheels
85kg Husafell stone
Barrels (10-45kg)

Events Training

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Saturdays are now going to be Strongman/Strongwoman training down the gym in preparation for upcoming competitions....

It is now less than 4 weeks away until my competition...eek!

I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever trained as hard in the gym than what I have since entering (3 weeks ago). I'm a lot more focused, and determined to improve my overall strength. I have always gone to the gym and followed a plan, but having something to aim for definitely gives you a lot more motivation. Each session is built around improving my main lifts - squats/deadlifts/overhead press and also accessory work to target and develop my weak areas in preparation for my upcoming competition.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sorry for the delay on this post...I have been updating the layout of my blog :)

Well last Saturday it was time to re-test my PRs, I had been looking forward to seeing if/how my lifts have progressed and then on Wednesday I could feel slight pain in my hamstring...I was not thrilled to say the least. I went to the gym anyway and was due to deadlifts - I spent a lot of time warming up and started work on my warm-up sets. I was in my 6th week of a 6 week cycle so was due to go quite heavy. I stopped before I reached my working set as I could feel my hamstring wasn't up for it and it was niggling in the back of my mind and putting me off anyway.

So with a bad leg, it pretty much ruled the majority of my accessory work out! I just done some upper back worked and sat around chatting to people and feeling generally pissed off!

I rested Thursday, and went and done some more upper back work on Friday - and again spent more time just chatting to people!

Britain's Strongest Man Championship!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I bought Laiten tickets to go and see Giants Live - Britain's Strongest Man for his birthday. This happened to be on Valentine's Day, and was all the way up in Doncaster which takes about 3 hours to get to! They also held the World Record on Log Press, so Zydrunas Savickas was there - he is the current World Strong Man!

Unfortunately there was a terrible accident on the M40 that morning, which delayed us (these things happen and all we wished for is that people were ok). By the time we got there all the good seats were taken, we were sat down at the bottom were you didn't get a good view at all. We decided to move to the other side and stand up, which gave us a lot better views!

As the World Record for Log Press was taking place, there were a lot of people there taking part - that weren't taking part in the Britain's Strongest Man, these included:

Quick Update!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hi all,

Well on my last blog I was deciding on where I want my training to lead to. Well...I have now entered a strong woman competition at the end of next month! I was a bit hesitant on entering, as I don't know how confident I would feel going into it. But then thinking about doing the competition gave me such motivation to train even harder in the gym, so I decided to enter!

I think having something to train for gives you a lot more motivation to train harder and also to adapt your training plan. I will now incorporate exercises in to my training regime that will help improve my lifts for the competition. I am very excited but also slightly nervous, I will keep you updated with my progress :)

My Goals..

Thursday, February 05, 2015

This is quite a tricky one.

At the moment I am thinking of where I want my training to lead too. Strong(wo)man or Powerlifting? Or just set my own personal goals to smash, and just keep training purely for the fun of it. I personally think that having a goal is what keeps you motivated inside and outside of the gym (as we all know, diets play a very important part in your performance in the gym).

At the moment I am struggling to get my diet correct in order to lose weight. This time last year I weighed 1st7lbs lighter than what I do right now. Since Christmas/New Year, I have been eating clean and going to the gym 4 times a week - but yet my weight doesn't seem to be coming off. Anywho, I am not going to let this get me down and I am going to start tracking my macros again (how much protein/carbs/fats (g) I am eating daily). I have decided to up my fats and reduce protein/carbs, and I'll see where I go from there.

I am very lucky in the fact that my boyfriend is also very in to the gym, he trains for Strongman and really does his research in to exercises and food - and passes this all on to me. He writes my programs, and I trust him completely with this. I'm in my 4th week of a 6 week cycle, after this I am going to re-test my PRs and have a new plan written. I have been researching new exercises to try (they look brutal) and look forward to implementing them in to my next program.

Louise x