Visit to Prague

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

After my recent competition I was shattered. Luckily I had booked the week after off work, as I'm not sure how much use I would've been!

It really did take it out of me, I can't remember ever feeling that tired. All the adrenaline, mixed with nerves and excitement is what done it. Also it wasn't until I had finished my last event that I realised all I had eaten that day was my normal oats in the morning, and then 3 bananas throughout the competition. I just didn't feel like eating, but was trying to eat as much as I could because I knew I needed the energy.

Laiten had made chocolate covered protein flapjacks for us to eat...and I forget them (woops) - I wasn't his favourite person to say the least!

On the way home it hit me how hungry I was, so it was pizza and garlic bread for dinner. The funny thing is that at the moment is that our oven is broken, so Laiten's sister went and bought our pizza's, took them home - cooked them & then bought them to us! We were very grateful!

Laiten booked me a trip to Prague for Christmas and we went last Wednesday (1st April), it was so nice to have this to look forward to after the comp! 

Prague is such a beautiful place, I would really recommend going there. We stayed in someone's apartment through Air BnB (check this out, it's such good value and so much better than hotels) which was about 10mins walk from the centre!

Here are a few food pictures:

At the Airport Laiten had the All American Breakfast and I had Smoked Salmon & Eggs Bagel.

Our first meal in Prague was Burgers, I had the "Bastard Burger" and Laiten had the "Boston Burger". They were so good!

These seemed to be everywhere in Prague, so we felt the need to have one! They were kind of like doughnuts with Nutella in the middle!

Our last night we went to an authentic Czech Restaurant, it was definitely up there with one of the nicest restaurants I've been to, it was just so cozy in there! Laiten had duck, and I had beef and dumplings.

Here a few pictures from the trip:

We also went shooting when we were there. I had never shot a gun before (and I think you can tell looking back at the pictures)

This is us holding a Sniper Riffle (this was one of my favourite guns to shoot).

I had such a good time, even though it was absolutely freezing! You can spend hours walking around, there are so many beautiful buildings to look at, one day we walked nearly 13 miles!

Have you been to Prague?
Have you ever shot a gun?


  1. OMG food porn alert! Looks sooooo good! And I can't believe how little you ate on comp day. I feel like an utter pig (well, even more so than usual haha!). I was meant to go to Prague with friends last year but the trip got cancelled, so I must rebook!

    1. I know, I didn't even think about it until I finished and then the hunger just hit me! Next time I need to consciously eat more, even if I don't feel like it! Haha, your food always looks so nice and healthy, other than the pancakes and peanut butter cups ;) I would definitely recommend going there, it's such a beautiful city!