Training, BBQ & Grand Natiomal

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can you believe the weather at the moment? It is so nice! I need get out in my garden and start planting some flowers, it is so bare at the moment! Fingers crossed this sunny weather carries on into the weekend!

On Friday night we did a tip run, and I managed to slice my arm with a tile...what is wrong with me and hurting myself at the moment?!

Saturday morning involved some Strongman/Strongwoman Training (in preparation of my next competition).

This involved:

- Overhead Medley:
15kg Overhead Dumbbell Press (both arms)
30kg Oly Bar Overhead
32Kg Log Overheard

- 30kg Farmers Walk into 80kg Yoke

- 90 kg Axle Bar Deadlift with Wheels (about 16") for reps

My next competition is on Sunday 17th May at my gym - Body Bionic. I'm really looking forward to it, it was such a good day last year. Anyone is more than welcome to come watch :)

It was the Grand National on Saturday and we were having some family over for a BBQ. I picked out 4 horses but didn't come anywhere (story of my life) but it's all a bit of fun. I was just happy that all the horses and jockeys made it back safely.

I had worked out my macros to fit in some BBQ food, in the end I probably went over slightly as we were also eating a bit of chocolate from Easter. 

I marinated some chicken over night in Nando's BBQ Marinade, and made some chicken skewers to go on, they were so good! And a lot less fat then burgers/sausages (yes I still had some though) but at least I had another option as well.

I think it's important to still enjoy yourself. Yes I did count my macros so I didn't over indulge like I would normally at a BBQ, but I definitely wasn't going to wack out my chicken and rice and refuse to eat anything else!

On my previous post I was asked if I were to have a cheat meal would I adjust my macros to make the meal fit in. I have been thinking about this in more depth....

At the moment  I want to lose quite a lot of body fat, I will aim to stay as close to my macros as I can to be able to achieve quicker fat loss. However, once I am at a weight I feel more comfortable with I will be able to happily have "cheat meals".  I would probably still work out my macros on my spreadsheet for this cheat meal, but I won't mind going over a little (or a lot).

It will always be difficult to judge your marcos when going out for dinner, or having dinner cooked for you by friends/family. But it's just down to your own jugdement and your current goals. If you are in training to become a Body Builder your diet has to be spot on, if your a Powerlifter who competes at a certain weight category you have to be careful of how much you eat and your weight towards an up coming meet. I'm neither of those so the occasional treat won't hurt me :)

Once I've got down to a weight that I'm happy with, I will work out my macros to maintain that weight. and will keep on tracking my macros and weight. That's where I went wrong last time, I lost the weight - but stopped tracking anything - and it slowly started creeping back up without me realising.

I'm feeling so much better since I've started tracking again. I've reduced my calories intake to be able to lose body fat, and my strength doesn't seem to of taken a hit yet (fingers crossed) hopefully it stays that way.

Do you watch the Grand National?
Do you track your Cheat Meal?


  1. Good for you girl! Glad you can find a balance and still eat foods you enjoy while cutting weight - the beauty of IIFYM :-)
    And I agree with you about cheat meals, the leaner you get the more flexible you can be with them. When I am in contest prep and super lean, my cheat meals are often entire cheat DAYS, and my body actually benefits from it. When you drop enough calories the cheat meals really help keep your metabolism high.
    Keep it up girl, can't wait to see your progress!

    1. Yeah exactly, I do love IIFYM! I had a bit of a cheat weekend, but I guess that will always happen from time to time when you see family! I'm going to see how I get on for the next few weeks, and hopefully the weight will slowly start to come off!

      It's so good to hear all these different ways of dieting, and cheat meals! I love learning all different ideas :) Thank you!