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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On my first week of counting macros I lost 2lbs, which I was really happy with. I don't really want to be losing any more than that because I don't want to compromise my strength. I will aim for a healthy 1lb a week, and hopefully that way will able me to maintain my strength.

I then weighed myself on Saturday and had stayed the same, but it was the time of the month (so I'm putting it down to that). 

The most important thing is that I am feeling so much better in myself, I have so much more energy and I can already feel my clothes starting to fit a bit better which is a good sign,

I've decided to start making some long term goals. I have my training cycles which I stick to, but these are quite short term. So I think it's time to sit down and figure out some longer term goals that I would like to achieve.

Long term goals can:
- help to direct/modify training plans
-  clear/specific goals help to keep you in the right direction
- gives training a great sense of purpose
- can help keep motivation levels up.

Short term goals are also great, but the effect of achieving a short term goal is short-lived. Whilst long term goals can be harder for you to achieve, the impact gives you more sense of accomplishment and is longer lasting. I think it is quite important to set long term goals (not only in the gym but life in general) as when you look to the future you are able to better establish roots now (e.g. training plan/diet) that will help to guide you to achieve your bigger goals.

Example of long term goals:
-Deadlifting 2 x your Body Weight
-Squatting 1.5 x Body Weight
Overall total (Deadlft, Squat, Bench) combined
-No. of Pullups
-Lifting 70/80kg stone onto platform

 I always find writing things down much more motivating than just keeping it in your head. Like my plan, I could not go to the gym without having my plan infront of me where I can write my reps/weights on it week by week. When I forget it and I have to read off my phone, it just annoys me. Sometimes the old fashion ways of pen & paper are the best!

The long term goals I am going to set myself are:

-300kg total (deadlift, squat, bench)
- Deadlift 2 x Bodyweight

and I am going to give myself a year to do this.

I've been saying I am going to start Yoga for probably the last 6 months? So I finally got round to ordering a Yoga for Beginners DVD and it arrived at the weekend.

I am planning on getting up everyone morning and doing some before work :)

Once I have got the poses down, I'll share some pictures. At the moment I'm all over the place when I do it, the lady on the DVD makes it look so effortless...I think I'm nearly there and then it says "and now lift your arm up and look at your hand" and I fall flat on my face. Who knew it was so difficult?

I visited both of my nans at the weekend, and they both served up a roast beef dinner. So yeah that's 2 roast dinners and I'm meant to be on a cut. But oh well, I love seeing them and they love cooking for me so I suppose it goes hand in hand....

Have you tried Yoga?
Do you set long term goals?

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