Having a Meltdown

Friday, May 01, 2015

Last Saturday, I had a mini meltdown/anxiety attack. There were many reasons to make me feel so upset:

- Bad night sleep (I'm the worst person when I don't sleep)
-No weight loss (even though I had been giving it my all)
- Bad back (I've decided to pull out of my next comp as my back seems to be getting worse)
-Laiten being away (yes I'll admit I missed him a lot)
- Feeling fat (I know I'm not fat but it's the way I feel about myself at the moment)
- Not completing my "to do lists"

I think the main one is having a bad night sleep, I really don't deal with life well on little sleep haha. I think it's only human to have an occasional meltdown. I have just never worked myself up to bring on an anxiety attack to the point where I couldn't breath. It took me a few days to calm myself back down.

Luckily I was with my mum when it happened, as had gone to see her earlier in the day when I was feeling down. Thank you to everyone that was there for me - you know who you are!

Anywho...less of the negative stuff, onwards and upwards! The more I stress about my weight the less likely it will come off. Just need to continue experimenting to find out what works best for me! I feel 100% better now, a bit tired from lack of sleep but looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend!

Will have to see how I go with my back. I've had this niggling pain there for a while now and it's not going away. I've decided it's best to be careful what I do in the gym now as I don't want to make it any worse. Will be making an appointment to see a physio/sports masseuse.

Happy Friday! :)

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