Five Things Friday!

Friday, May 29, 2015

First things first - YAY to it being Friday!

Apologies for not blogging in a while, as I've been doing a lot of resting-  I haven't really had much to talk about.

I thought I would do a "Five Things Friday" post, as I enjoy reading these on other people's pages/blogs.

My five favourite things of the past week are:

1) This has been my first full week back at the gym, where I have managed to do all my working sets and accessory work since pulling something in my back.

2) Monday was a Bank Holiday, I spent the long weekend out painting my fence. It wasn't exactly "fun" but it's something I've been meaning to do for ages - and it also takes aggesss (still haven't finished 'sob'). 

3) On Sunday we went to take a friend's BBQ - the food was amazing! Luckily for us there was enough food left over that we were invited over again on Monday. I tried Buffalo Burgers for the first time - they're soooo good! 

4) My bench! I have always sucked at bench! The last time I tested my PB was maybe towards the end of last year and was 37.5kg. I have been focusing more on my overhead press recently, so have been neglecting the bench press. However, I did bench on Wednesday and managed 5 x 5 on 35kg!! I was so shocked, don't know where it came from but fingers crossed it stays!

5) The vegetables that we planted are really starting to grow now which is exciting to see. Can't wait for the day to be able to use them for cooking knowing that we have grown them from a tiny seed!

I have a nice weekend planned ahead, going for dinner at my mums tonight, steak is on the menu so can't complain about that. 

Tomorrow will of course be standard events training at the gym (if any of you live local and would like to try this out just let me know)

Then my dad is round for dinner on Saturday, its the FA Cup Final - Arsenal vs Aston Villa. He's an Arsenal fan, and will probably turn into a maniac whilst watching it (which is always funny to watch)

Sunday I may go shopping, or just chill. Sometimes it's nice to have a day with no plans!

Have a great weekend x


  1. Happy events training day! I did events on Thursday and I am still very much broken. And yay for bench PRs!