Taking it Easy

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I have been taking it easy recently and giving myself plenty of rest. I have had a niggling pain in my Latissimus Dorsi (shown in red below) for a while now. I was ignoring it and still pushing through all my training and hoping it would go away and it hasn't. I have now decided to pull out of my next 2 competitions and concentrate on recovery and getting this pain to go away.

It is nice as now I don't feel any pressure to continue through my training, and when I feel any pain I just stop. I have still been going to the gym, but doing lighter weights and less sets and concentrating on technique.

I also need to get to the bottom of why I am feeling pain is this particular muscle. I'm more aware of my posture, especially at work. I sit at a desk all day, and it can be easy to let your posture slip - which is not good for your back. I tend to slouch, so I am making extra effort to keep my back straight.

For those who sit at a desk, you may find the following points helpful:

source: can be found on http://www.getfitbook.com/fit-work-s/78.htm

It is quite annoying to have to pull out of competitions, but my health is more important and there are always plenty of competitions happening so its not the end of the world.

We have decided to grow our own vegetables which is quite exciting (how my life has changed to say that growing vegetables is exciting haha).

We have planted:

- Potatoes
- Sweet Potatoes
- Onions
- Spring Onions
- Peppers
- Spinach
- Lettuce
- Cabbage
- Beans
- Peas
- Tomatoes
- Carrots
- Broccoli
- Beetroot
- Rhubarb


- Basil
- Thyme
- Coriander
- Rosemary

Reasons why we have decided to do this is to be able to control what goes into our food by using fertilizer or pest control that we approve of, and also for the freshness of the produce.

We are going to be very busy if everything grows well :) I will keep you updated!

It's the Body Bionic Strongman/Strongwoman Competition this weekend (which I should've been competing in) I'm really looking forward to it! Of course I will still be there cheering everyone else on - whilst feeling pangs of jealously that I'm not joining in! Fingers crossed the weather will be ok so some of the events can be held outside!

Do you sit at a desk all day?
Have you tried growing your own vegetables?


  1. Oh no! Injuries suck and pulling out of competitions sucks even more. But it's worth it in the long run - like you said, competitions will always be there, but your health won't!

  2. I know! This was the first injury I've had where I've had to stop training :( but seems to be on the road to recovery now - thankfully!