Five Things Friday!

Friday, May 29, 2015

First things first - YAY to it being Friday!

Apologies for not blogging in a while, as I've been doing a lot of resting-  I haven't really had much to talk about.

I thought I would do a "Five Things Friday" post, as I enjoy reading these on other people's pages/blogs.

My five favourite things of the past week are:

1) This has been my first full week back at the gym, where I have managed to do all my working sets and accessory work since pulling something in my back.

2) Monday was a Bank Holiday, I spent the long weekend out painting my fence. It wasn't exactly "fun" but it's something I've been meaning to do for ages - and it also takes aggesss (still haven't finished 'sob'). 

Taking it Easy

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I have been taking it easy recently and giving myself plenty of rest. I have had a niggling pain in my Latissimus Dorsi (shown in red below) for a while now. I was ignoring it and still pushing through all my training and hoping it would go away and it hasn't. I have now decided to pull out of my next 2 competitions and concentrate on recovery and getting this pain to go away.

It is nice as now I don't feel any pressure to continue through my training, and when I feel any pain I just stop. I have still been going to the gym, but doing lighter weights and less sets and concentrating on technique.

Having a Meltdown

Friday, May 01, 2015

Last Saturday, I had a mini meltdown/anxiety attack. There were many reasons to make me feel so upset:

- Bad night sleep (I'm the worst person when I don't sleep)
-No weight loss (even though I had been giving it my all)
- Bad back (I've decided to pull out of my next comp as my back seems to be getting worse)
-Laiten being away (yes I'll admit I missed him a lot)
- Feeling fat (I know I'm not fat but it's the way I feel about myself at the moment)
- Not completing my "to do lists"