Team Xtreme StrongWoman Competiton

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Sunday (29th March) was my first StrongWoman Competition for this year. It was at a gym called Team Xtreme Fitness in Gosport near Portsmouth (UK). 

I had my last training session on the Tuesday and then was spending the rest of my week resting up. On Thursday I was peeling some sweet potatoes for dinner and accidentally sliced some on my nail off (on my ring finger), it bled quite a lot and was really painful and I was worried at the time I wouldn't be able to pick anything up (the day after I couldn't even use my handbrake). 

I had been training so hard for it, so I didn't want to back out (I was livid with myself at this point for doing something so stupid) Why is it you always hurt yourself outside of the gym? I had twinged my back slightly the other week from turning to strap my little cousin in the car - and was still recovering from that slightly!

But over the weekend it started to feel much better so I decided to compete and not be a wimp!

 In a Strongman/Strongwoman Competition they give you a random order of who goes first in the first event. From this, whoever placed 1st in the event goes last in the next, whoever placed last goes 1st in the next event.

From this you can kind of gage how well you're doing in the competition. If you keep being one of the last people to compete in each event you know you're doing ok.

I didn't really watch any of the other competitors - I spoke to them all and cheered some of them on when I was there - but I did tend to zone out quite a lot and focus on myself. I didn't really take note how well anyone else was doing.

The 32kg Log for reps in 60secs was the 1st event. I was so unbelievably nervous before this, when I got up there my legs were literally shaking. As I said before this log is a lot wider than the one I use at my gym and I think in my mind this was probably putting me off. I got 9 reps which I was happy with - it wasn't quite up there next to what some of the girls were lifting. I think I was taking for too long between each rep.

The next event was 80kg Deadlift for reps in 60 secs. This frame was a beaut to use as it didn't move around. I won this event with 23 reps! I was so happy!! Even though the wind was blowing my hair into my mouth and I was eating it towards the end (glamorous sport).

I was annoyed at the timing of this as my boyfriend was taking part in the Intermediate Category, and I heard him get called to do his max log at 130kg (if you listen you can hear Laiten, Laiten, Laiten being cheered) but I just had to get on with it!

(If you'd like to know, he didn't get the 130kg Log, but he did get the 120kg and this was a huge PB for him)

Next was the 130kg Yoke.  Originally this was going to be a 130kg Yoke into 45kg Farmer's Walk but as the weather wasn't great it was just the Yoke (drop & turn) inside. 

I had actually been training for a 120kg Yoke (I obviously can't read) so had to just go with it. I have quite bad circulation, and I didn't realise how cold my feet were before I started. I started moving and my feet felt like they weren't moving with me, it was very strange! I felt like I was going really slow - but looking back it looks ok!

I did it in 22.61 seconds.

8kg Kettlebel Hold was next. Going into this I knew this was my weakest event. I had been training against a wall, and on the day we didn't stand against a wall. I'm not sure which one I would've done better at :S 

I asked Laiten to come stand next to me and keep shouting at me so I had something to tune into. That helped quite a lot, I also had Meg (our referee - she's Britain's Strongest Woman and she's lovely) and the man timing me - so just concentrated on what they were saying.

I started shaking at 15 secs - so not sure how I kept it going for just over 1min!

Feel free to watch it, even though it's not pretty haha!

The last event was the 30kg stone over Yoke in 75 secs. I'm quite good at the event and was looking forward to it. Although this event was the one I was worried about with the pressure it would put on my finger. My friend helped me wrap it up and it didn't hurt at all.

I got 22 reps all together, and was pleased with this.

We were all called on stage to find out where everyone had placed. 3rd Place was called out - Kerensa Sprigg got this - she was awesome. Her technique on the log is spot on. I was thinking if I was going to get a trophy it would be this one so at the time I was thinking I would've come 4th.

Then 2nd was called, and it was me!! I was so happy (I'm really not good in situations like this I never know what to do with myself infront of a lot of people) But I was so proud!!

1st Place went to Paula Scott - she pretty much owned the whole event - so a massive well done to her!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came down to support, there were so many people there and it really did make a difference hearing everyone cheering me on! I really do appreciate it.

Also I want to say a massive well done to all other other competitors, it was such an amazing day, it was run really well and everyone was so supportive of one another. You would think a Strongman/Strongwoman competition would be very competitive, which it is - but everyone is so nice and supportive and the atmosphere is always great.

Also a massive thank you to the team at Team Xtreme Fitness - Jenna, Gavin & Damien, and to all the people that helped and the referees. The day was run really well, and was very organised!

Lastly, a huge congratulations to my boyfriend Laiten Canning, Mark Anderson and Sarah Talbot, who all competed on the day as well. They all train at Body Bionic as well.

Finally (I promise) a huge thanks to Nick Openshaw and the rest of the gang at Body Bionic (you know who you are) for your continued support.



  1. Well done! Talk about beasting it out on those 23 reps!

    1. Thank you :) I know, I was so happy with myself!

  2. Congratulations! That is awesome - all you strongwomen really motivate me - I may have to try it out someday!

    1. Thank you! Yeah definitely do, it is a lot of fun :)