Throwback Thursday

Thursday, March 19, 2015

This time last year I took part in my first Strong Woman Competition held at my gym. My timehop is flashing up with pictures that were taken a year ago, and it is fun to be able to back through them all.

At the time I had dropped a lot of weight and wasn't particular that strong either. I have a video (shown below) of me practicing the Overhead Medley. 

This involved: 

-12.5kg Dumbbell Press (both arms)
-25kg Barbell Overhead Press
-32kg Log Press

If you know me you will notice how thin I am here - looking back I genuinely cannot believe I was ever that skinny! I dropped down to about 9st 6lbs (60kg), whereas I'm currently sitting at about 11st (70kg) at the moment; and yet I feel better and more confident now than what I ever have!

Also please notice the look on my face at the end when I failed the log! I am not impressed with myself, haha!

Looking back at this video:

 Firstly my form - this makes me cringe, the way I nearly bend my back in half trying to roll the log up at the end ?!?!?!?

Weak - I'm definitely a lot weaker here, and it's nice to watch this back to see how far I have come.

This is me repping the 32kg log last night. 

I have better technique and form (not perfect but a lot better) - and my overall strength has massively improved.

I think everyone should video some of their training, as it is so motivating to look back at them and to see how you have improved. It also good to video your lifts as you are then able to look back and check your form etc and see where you may be going wrong.

Last night I also managed to get a PR on my Strict Military Press - 32.5kg.
I also managed to Push Press 40kg, which felt pretty good - I could've gone for reps but I was planning on doing the log and didn't want to do to much on my shoulders.

I've recently ordered new gym stuff, and the picture below sums up how this makes me feel:


I'm not sure why but having new gym clothes makes me feel so good?! But it does, and if it gives me more motivation to get down the gym then I'll keep on buying more!

Do you video your work-outs sometimes?
Does getting new gym clothes make you feel good?


  1. Love the pig pic, obviously! I love watching old training/comp videos and cringing - but it's also cool to see how much progress you've made :)

    1. Ha obviously :) yeah definitely! You've had your blog for such a long time now, it must be fun to look back at everything from time to time!