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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Saturdays are now going to be Strongman/Strongwoman training down the gym in preparation for upcoming competitions....

It is now less than 4 weeks away until my competition...eek!

I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever trained as hard in the gym than what I have since entering (3 weeks ago). I'm a lot more focused, and determined to improve my overall strength. I have always gone to the gym and followed a plan, but having something to aim for definitely gives you a lot more motivation. Each session is built around improving my main lifts - squats/deadlifts/overhead press and also accessory work to target and develop my weak areas in preparation for my upcoming competition.

 The event list for the competition at the end of this month is:

Log 32kg as many reps in 60s FTOH 
Car frame Deadlift 80kg 60s 
Yoke 130kg 20m into Farmers Walk 45kg 
Kettlebell hold 8kg
Stone over yoke 30kg 75s

The event is a Novice Competition (beginner competition) with no weight category, so anyone of any weight class and ability can enter. What I mean by this is for example: someone who weighs 9st (57kg) can be competing against someone who weighs 15st (95kg), so the first person would be at a major weight disadvantage. Most Strongwoman competitions across the board (novice, intermediate etc) will have a weight category, for example over 75kg and under 75kg.

Some Novice Competitions will not allow someone to compete who has finished at a Podium Place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) at a previous Novice Competition. But then some Novice competitions are a lot heavier than others, so I'm unsure how that works. This competition hasn't specified "No Podium Finishers" so anyone is able to enter.

 I'm really looking forward to it, and there are also a couple of women competing from my gym (Body Bionic) so we will all be able to support one another.

Here are a few videos of some of the events I practiced:

Stone over yoke 30kg 75s

I managed to do 19 reps (and this was my only attempt) so pretty happy with that! 

Farmers Walk (45kg a hand)

This felt ok, I'm unsure about my actual time and the distance on the day won't be this long.

120kg Yoke into Farmers Walk (45kg a hand)

I'm not going to lie - when I first picked up the Yoke it did feel really heavy, I haven't done this for nearly a year and previously had only picked up 80kg. I was unsure I would be able to get moving with it, but mind over matter and I was able to do a full length! :)

I came away from this with scrapes over my hands and bruises up my arms, Strongwoman is definitely not a pretty sport ;) but it is so much fun! My traps seriously ached on Sunday from the Yoke & Farmers Walk!

Is Strongwoman something you're interested in? 
Have you competed in a Strongwoman Competition before?


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