Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sorry for the delay on this post...I have been updating the layout of my blog :)

Well last Saturday it was time to re-test my PRs, I had been looking forward to seeing if/how my lifts have progressed and then on Wednesday I could feel slight pain in my hamstring...I was not thrilled to say the least. I went to the gym anyway and was due to deadlifts - I spent a lot of time warming up and started work on my warm-up sets. I was in my 6th week of a 6 week cycle so was due to go quite heavy. I stopped before I reached my working set as I could feel my hamstring wasn't up for it and it was niggling in the back of my mind and putting me off anyway.

So with a bad leg, it pretty much ruled the majority of my accessory work out! I just done some upper back worked and sat around chatting to people and feeling generally pissed off!

I rested Thursday, and went and done some more upper back work on Friday - and again spent more time just chatting to people!

Saturday came, my leg was feeling better so I went ahead with testing my PRs. Normally I would do these on seperate days to give me more energy, but as I'm 5 weeks out from my next Comp I can't really waste days/time testing out PRs when I need to get myself prepared for the competition.

I decided to do squats, then overhead press (instead of bench as you get tested in this in a strongwoman event) then deadlifts.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have never tested my squat PR. I never used to squat to depth so went back to basics and slowly worked my weights back up whilst ensuring I was squatting down to the correct depth. I have also amended my squat position - slightly wider with my feet pointing out - which feels alot more comfortable. I used to suffer a lot with knee pain as I'm flat footed, which particular flared up when I ran so I stopped running (shame). I also used to get the pain when I squatted but since changing position, I don't feel the pain anymore!

82.5kg Squat

This felt quite good, so I decided to go to 85kg.

85kg Squat

I lost my balance at the bottom of this one, I slightly leaned forward with the weight. Laiten kind of re-set my balance for me and I managed to push up, so I'll still take it as a win!

Anything over 75kg was a PR for me, so was extremely happy with this :)

30kg Overhead press

I need to increase my overhead press, so I've starting doing a strict military press instead of a push press.

30kg Push Press

This is the same weight, but to show how much difference pushing with your legs can make.

107.5kg Deadlift

By the time I got to this I had nearly been in the gym for 2 hours, my energy levels were dropping and with my hamstring tweak playing in the back of my mind, this lift felt extremely heavy! But I still got a PR :)

Overall I was really pleased with all my PRs, but next time I test them I will definitely space them out over a few days.

Time to do some Strongwoman training this weekend, hope you all have a good one!


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