Britain's Strongest Man Championship!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I bought Laiten tickets to go and see Giants Live - Britain's Strongest Man for his birthday. This happened to be on Valentine's Day, and was all the way up in Doncaster which takes about 3 hours to get to! They also held the World Record on Log Press, so Zydrunas Savickas was there - he is the current World Strong Man!

Unfortunately there was a terrible accident on the M40 that morning, which delayed us (these things happen and all we wished for is that people were ok). By the time we got there all the good seats were taken, we were sat down at the bottom were you didn't get a good view at all. We decided to move to the other side and stand up, which gave us a lot better views!

As the World Record for Log Press was taking place, there were a lot of people there taking part - that weren't taking part in the Britain's Strongest Man, these included:

Zydrunas Savickas
Eddie Hall
Mark Felix
Graham Hicks
Rob Frampton
Benni Magnusson
Rob Oberst
Nick Best
Brian Irwin
Micheal Blustein
Luke Stoltman
Krzysztof Radzikowski
Adam Bishop
Dimitar Savatinov

Zydrunas Savickas went for a 228kg but failed, so the World Record wasn't beaten. Eddie Hall and Graham Hicks now share Britain's record at 211kg. Eddie Hall and Graham Hicks attempted a 220kg press but failed.

Then the Britain's Strongest Man Championship started, the competitors were:

Eddie Hall
Graham Hicks
Mark Felix
Rob Frampton
Luke Stoltman (Scotland's Strongest Man)
Brian Irwin (Ireland's Strongest Man)
Michael Blumstein (Germany's Strongest Man)
Alex Curletto (Italy's Strongest Man)
Nick Best (Guest Lifter)

The events included: Farmers Walk, Hammer Hold, Conan's Wheel, Car Deadlift and Stones.

The winner of the event was Eddie Hall, followed by Mark Felix then Krzysztof Radzikowski. These 3 will now qualify for World's Strongest Man 2015.

Mark Felix is 48 years old, he beat everyone on the car deadlift and came 2nd in Britain's Strongest Man. The guy is a legend, and still to be competing at the age - an inspiration!

At the end of the competition, you got the opportunity to have pictures with the competitors:

 Mark Felix

 Rob Oberst

Laurence Shahlaei

The event will be shown on Eurosports in the next few weeks!

I bought myself a belt now that I am beginning to take this all a lot more seriously! I thought it would be best to invest in my own belt rather than using the ones people have left behind at the gym! I can't believe how much more supportive it feels, can't wait to try my PR's out this weekend now! ;)

"Giants" Belt

We stayed over the night, had nice pub food for dinner and then feel straight asleep! 

On our way home we stopped off at part of the Peak District, and went for a walk around the Lynsdale Project:

Louise x


  1. That looks like so much fun! These events are so inspiring. Best of luck with your trianing!

    1. It was fun, it's amazing to see how much those guys can lift! We are thinking of going to watch Europe's Strongest Man in July, which should be as much fun! Thanks so much! :)