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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hi all,

Well on my last blog I was deciding on where I want my training to lead to. Well...I have now entered a strong woman competition at the end of next month! I was a bit hesitant on entering, as I don't know how confident I would feel going into it. But then thinking about doing the competition gave me such motivation to train even harder in the gym, so I decided to enter!

I think having something to train for gives you a lot more motivation to train harder and also to adapt your training plan. I will now incorporate exercises in to my training regime that will help improve my lifts for the competition. I am very excited but also slightly nervous, I will keep you updated with my progress :)

I am so lucky to have so many positive and supportive people in my life, who I know will keep on encouraging me!

Here are a couple of videos of my training this week:


3 sets of 2 reps @ 72.5kg

This is a PR for me. I never used to squat to the correct depth so I made my weights lighter and have slowly worked back up and I'm now squatting to depth.


3 set of 2 reps @ 90kg

I feel that I have really improved my form when deadlifting and am happy with how this lift has been progressing, Looking at this video I could have my hips slightly higher in my starting position.

I am wearing my new Fabletics outfit in this video, it is so comfy! The top has a built in bra, which is really handy and the whole outfit fits really nice! They have got so many different styles on their website, some really colourful and bold - and your first outfit is half price!!

Louise x

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